Oct 2017

Just booked the lead role in a film called "The Afternoon Girl". We start shooting early Jan 2018—that'll start off the year right!

Sep 2017

"Hickok" was finally released! Gotta admit: it was a serious thrill to see face filling up the entire screen at the movie theatre as I played opposite Kris Kristofferson and Luke Hemsworth! Click here to check out a clip of my scene on my media page.

Jun 2017

I'm on a roll—to hopefully lots o' ROLES!! I just signed—theatrically—with the fabulous Courtney Peldon of AQUA Talent!

Apr 2017

I signed—commercially—with PANTHEON Talent! And my fantastic new agents are: Pierre Gatling and Patricia Dawson! I couldn't be more excited of the possibilities that await us! Yay!

Mar 2017

I was honored to play a role—alongside the likes of the extraordinary talents of actors, Ray Wise and Stephen Macht—in a play reading of “The Portage to San Cristobal of A.H.”! It's a heart-wrenching portrayal of a handful of personalities as they—representing their respective countries—vie for the custody of Adolf Hitler, found to be alive, after "all these years". Heavy!

Feb 2017

Holy-schmoley—I've been immortalized! OMG: As part of my ongoing role as "Lloyd, House Manager" in the promotional marketing campaign for Escape Hotel, Hollywood—the largest escape venue in the world—my face is now literally plastered on the side of their building! I think my head might be starting to get too big—what do you think?! Check it out here! And, if you can, in person at the corner of the famous Hollywood Boulevard and Cherokee Ave (3 blocks east of Highland Ave)!


Jan 2017

I got to reprise one of my favorite roles as the evil Emissary to the Great King Dalesdane of Fang, "Eldon Ackridge"! The first episode of this amazing pilot series was called "Windward Spirits: A New Ruler" and included a great cast! And the saga continues! Here, in episode 2, it's called "Windward Spirits: Blood Ties" and with more than double the cast and locations, the excitement continues to build! Here's a screen-shot from "A New Ruler":

Dec 2016

I just wrapped my 1st western! I played opposite Kris Kristofferson and Luke Hemsworth in a fantastically, juicy supporting role! I was "Preacher Jenkins" and the Town Undertaker! What a blast! We shot much of it on the same set as Westworld! Here are a few production shots! The film will be released to some key theaters in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and possibly New Orleans, somewhere around June or July of 2017! Yay!

Nov 2016

Had some great fun playing The Usher in the hugely popular Interactive Horror Theatre production of "Delusion: His Crimson Queen"! Here I am dressed up in my Sunday-best:

Jul 2016

I've decided to dive back into voice over! I took classes years ago but never practiced enough to get good enough to make a demo tape. Well, I'm finally starting to build my home recording studio: got a fairly decent microphone, a pop-screen and software and now I'm working on building a portable soundproofed booth to remove reflected bounce off the hard surfaces in my environment.

I had a lot of fun the other day at a voice over workout at the SAG-Foundation VO Lab! It's an amazing resource. And I'm scheduled for 3 more within the next 2 weeks! Can't wait!

And of course—I had to design a VO logo—here it is. Click on it if you'd like to visit the v/o page of my website!

Jun 2016

I submitted a self-taped audition/entry to The ABC Discovers Digital Talent Competition. It may be a long-shot—last year they had over 6K entries—but it's an opportunity to be seen by them! And if you don't enter…then it's a NO-shot, right?!

May 2016

What started out as just a quick print job turned into a full-fledged promotional project! It's all for a soon-to-open (by mid-July) venture on Hollywood Blvd right smack in the middle of all the action! It's an exciting escape room venture called "Escape Hotel" and will be the largest of it's kind in the world! With 10 separate, themed Game Rooms, it's a marriage of "The Shining" and "American Horror Story"! And from the ground up—it's a top-notch enterprise! I get to play Lloyd, Hotel House Manager. Here are a few still shots from the shoot!

Apr 2016

It's all about relationships! I've known Mark Teschner for a little over a year now and suddenly—out of the blue—his office calls my agent and "asks" if I might be available to be a guest-star on "General Hospital"! What an honor to have played a role on such an iconic show!

Off another self-taped submission, I booked another lead in another pilot! This one's called "Windward Spirits: A New Ruler". I play an evil Emissary to an even eviler King. (cue evil laugh - :)

Mar 2016

Off a self-taped submission, I just booked the recurring lead in a new sci-fi pilot! The series name is "By Night" and the episode where I'm first introduced is called "The Crossing". "Mum's" the word for a while. All I can tell you now is it's along the lines of "The Twilight Zone"—and it's seriously cool!

Feb 2016

Happy New Year everyone! What a great start—I just booked a Nikon commercial. In a principal role, I play the Food Critic! I like 2016!

Nov 2015

I booked a principal role in a new Sprint commercial campaign starring David Beckham, where I portray a Dentist! Yay!

Oct 2015

I played a Police Captain in a pilot that'll soon be shopped around! Fingers and toes crossed!

Sep 2015

My wife and I took some R&R and went to Europe! It was fantastic! First it was 4 days in London, then through the Chunnel for 3 days in Paris, then on to Madrid for 2 days and finally, Barcelona for another 3 days. I'm in love with Barcelona! It was only enough time in all of the cities for a mere taste—but every bite was delicious! And we ate a LOT! :)

While in London and Paris, Europe experienced an historical amount of rain—but we were undeterred!

Here are a few pics:

Aug 2015

I expanded my range and did Stand-up comedy! I love it! I premiered my new skill at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank. Now I'm addicted! I plan to do some open mic's around town. Here's the flyer that went out for Flappers:

Jul 2015

I was in a Sprint TV commercial campaign with David Beckham! And just for the record: he's an incredibly nice guy! And, he's even more good-looking in person!

Sep 2014

I got called back to work on "Another Period"! I guess they liked what I did as the butler in the pilot, last December. It got picked up by Comedy Central and will air sometime in the summer of 2015. I met Ben Stiller, Jason Ritter and Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men), amongst lot's of other comedy giants! Huge fun! Keep your eyes peeled and then set your DVR's—this is hilarious stuff!

May 2014

Booked a role in an upcoming feature film called All Day! I'm Bill Hughes, actor: in police uniform, in my own universe, buying drugs for my upcoming audition!

Apr 2014

Booked and shot an insanely funny parody called Mad X-Men! I'm Professor Charles Xavier! Click here or on the splash screen to watch it in its entirety on Youtube!

Max Bogner as Professor Xavier in this hilarious parody called "Mad X-Men" video

Mar 2014

Just filmed a fun sitcom pilot called Sunny Side Up! where I'm the Head Chef who gets into a brawl in my kitchen with my Sous Chef! Food fight!

Feb 2014

Booked a role in a sci-fi futuristic feature film called Teleios! I am Dr. Kalinski, head researcher for Glen Crest BioGenetics! Filming starts May 12!

Jan 2014

Started studying with Brian Reise! Learning tons!

Dec 2013

I worked three days on a pilot called "Another Period". It's an hysterical new sitcom, created by and starring Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome! Jason Ritter is a regular, along with a ton of fantastically funny people. I play a butler in this Ben Stiller production—they're hoping to get picked up by a network and then run as a series!

Aug 2013

New headshots! Kristen Honey is absolutely fantastic! If you need headshots—be sure to check out her website! You simply won't find a better photographer! Be sure to tell her you heard about her from me!

Jul 2013

Hiatus is almost over! In the meantime, I'm making the best of it:  just finished designing new business cards and postcards! Sending them off to the printer now!

Jun 2013

About to begin studying with Steve Tietsort at Diana Castle's "The Imagined Life" Studio!

May 2013

Booked a new web series called The Kill Corporation. I'm scientist, Dr. Emmitt George. Not for the faint of heart however: I get shot and there's lots 'o blood! Filming begins 1st week of June!

Thousand Mile Media's feature film, WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) was also accepted into the Cannes Film Festival! Told you these guys were going places! And the icing on the cake: they hired me to design the logo, 1-sheet and postcard! Here's the poster:


Coffee and Sugar short (by Thousand Mile Media) was just accepted into Cannes Film Festival! I'm going to be on screen in Cannes!

Apr 2013

In a Theatre 40 staged play reading, I'm Bill in Norm Foster's The Love List. Mr. Foster is Canada's #1 playwright has been called their Neil Simon!

In another Theatre 40 staged play reading, I'm Simon Matthews in Warwick Moss' 2-person play, Down An Alley Filled With Cats. Fantastic play—lots of fun!

Mar 2013

David Bowie! I can finally announce the artist's music video where I was a principal actor! David Bowie! His video is The Stars (Are Out Tonight). I come in at the 1-minute mark and chat with him and Tilda Swinton! To see my part in it, please visit my Media page.

At Theatre Forty, I am Denis McCleary in a staged play reading of The Violet Hour, by Richard Greenberg. An hysterical trip through a wrinkle in time!

I'm Professor Dvapara, a charismatic vampire in Tom Jacobson's Tainted Blood! A great satiric pastiche pitting Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle against me, the un-dead!

Feb 2013

I shot the music video I booked a few weeks ago, but I'm sworn to secrecy and can't reveal who the artist is until it's released! Hint: the artist is a legend!

I'm Mr. Amy in J.M. Barrie's thrilling classic Mary Rose, written and 1st produced in 1920.

Jan 2013

2013 is off with a bang! Auditioned for music video and booked it! It's very hush-hush and who the artist is, is a very tightly held secret! Shoots early Feb!

Booked a small role in a fantastically well written and hysterical indie short called Coffee and Sugar. This production company, Thousand Mile Media, is up-and-coming! I love these guys! Great writing, directing, set, crew, cast! Shot it in 1 day and had a blast! I also created the logo, 1-sheet and postcard. Here's the poster:

Sept 2012

Lent a hand to my agent and played the part of an obnoxious, cheering fan at a little league game in a short for his friend.

Aug 2012

Signed with 90210 Talent across the board.

Filmed Island Song, a great story written and directed by Academy Award nominated director, David Massey! I was Luke Shapiro, attorney to a crime boss, played by the fine actor: Richard Gant!

Jul 2012

Booked role in upcoming indie, Island Song!

The Bat opened this week to great reviews! A wonderful whodunit murder mystery! Here's the play poster & a stage shot:


Stage shot of "The Bat"


The Sandglass shoot went fantastically well! Can't wait to see the series air!

Jun 2012

Auditioned and booked a new web series, The Sandglass! Part Twilight Zone and part X-Files, I'm Akim, a Russian hitman. We shoot the 1st week of July and as a recurring character, I'll be in 3 seasons! Yay!

Was just cast as "The Unknown" in The Bat, to be directed by Martin Speer! With Veronica Cartwright attached, rehearsals begin next week and we open July 26 for 5 weeks!

In Ivan Menchall's The Cemetery Club, I'm Sam in a staged play reading at Theatre 40.

May 2012

In Diana Morgan's My Cousin Rachel, I'm Seacombe in a staged play reading at Theatre 40.

Apr 2012

In a staged play reading of Running, a 2-person play by Arlene Hutton, I was Stephen, held at Theatre 40.

Mar 2012

Auditioned to become a member of Theatre 40, Beverly Hills Professional Theatre Company. I was asked to join and did so!

Nov 2011

Sadly, for financial reasons, In Agony was canceled, only 7 days from opening night. A huge disappointment, but nothing comes cheap and I understand the decision.

Oct 2011

Just came from a fitting for my role in In Agony! Very circa 1876!

Rehearsals for In Agony are going wonderfully! And tonight, got a handful of the postcards for the show. Here's a glimpse!



Booked the lead role of Roger Bateman in Miroslav Krleza's award winning play, In Agony! John Stark will be directing and we'll be putting it up at The Odyssey Theatre at the end of November!

Auditioned for the lead in a play coming up at The Odyssey Theatre, called In Agony.

Just got the news: The Last Man short I filmed last month will be making it's US premiere at the NY Shorts Film Festival!

Sept 2011

Filmed The Last Man, alongside fellow chemotherapy patient, Will, played by Roger Bart. I play Mo, just finishing up receiving treatment as he is led in, a prisoner in shackles.