Most Recent Work

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"


…as "Harry, Bespectacled Man" with Mary Steenburgen and Larry David.

…as "Preacher Jenkins" opposite Kris Kristofferson and Luke Hemsworth.

"General Hospital"

"By Night: Origins"

…as "CEO of the Board" with veteran GH actors: Jane Elliot and Leslie Charleson.

…as the alien "Overseer", I recruit a young priest to assist our species on Earth.

"Windward Spirits: A New Ruler"

"Windward Spirits: Blood Ties"

…as Emissary Eldon Ackridge, I deal with a self-appointed "squatter" King.

…as Emissary Eldon Ackridge, I interrogate a spy for the whereabouts of Warlan Hartwell.

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Stand-Up Comedy at Flappers in Burbank, CA