Born and raised…

…in Miami, the "NYC of the South", Max was a creative kid right out of the gate. He drew everything he saw
on anything he could find; he played the clarinet and saxophone in Middle School band class—reaching
1st seat in both; and landed his first acting "gig" in 6th grade—cast as Mr. Banks in “Auntie Mame".

Decisions, decisions…

…oh my! School plays had become his passion, but when his family moved to Tampa in the summer prior to 12th grade, he was encouraged to focus on college and getting a degree with a more "practical/safer" major than theater, i.e.: one that would yield a stronger chance of making a decent living.

Uncle Sam's calling...

…and he wants you to fly in the back seat of twin-engine, tandem-seated jets. OK—this sounds like fun! So, in 1976, with his B.A. degree in hand, Max joined the Navy! He successfully graduated from Aviation Officer Candidate School at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL and was commissioned an Ensign. From there it was on to flight-side. It was here when he realized that as amazingly thrilling as flying at mach speed was, it wasn't fulfilling Max creatively.

Back to the "drawing" board…

…and back to the search for a career that would quench his creative thirst. He heard about a new field called Graphic Design and was very intrigued. So he decided to move to Los Angeles and explore it there and see where it might
lead. He enrolled in extension classes at Art Center College of Design, UCLA and Santa Monica College. He
quickly found work at Cannon Films as their primary film title designer, specializing in hand-lettering.
He supplemented his income by freelancing logos, film title-treatments and packaging to many of
the other studios in Hollywood. As his reputation grew, so did an extensive client list. His clients
included Disney, Chevron, 20th Century-Fox and Burger King. Yet…something was still missing.

It was always acting…

…that's what had been missing all this time! Max returned to acting by first taking a class at
Santa Monica College. Concurrently, he enrolled in the Tepper/Galegos Commercial Workshop
and in his 2nd week there, had his 2nd audition and got the job and was Taft-Hartley’d into
the Screen Actors Guild! Ever since, Max has continued his acting study with prestigious
teachers and organizations such as Harry Mastrogeorge, Mark Teschner, Amy Lyndon, and
Diana Castle's The Imagined Life.. He's also trained in improv with Rich Talarico, Melanie
Chartoff and The Groundlings and voice-over with Kalmenson & Kalmenson.

Max has worked in TV, film, commercials and on stage. See his resume for a complete list of
his work.

But wait…there's more…

…to the story. Max is married and lives in Los Angeles, where in addition to his acting career,
he's a designer (owner of MBDesign); painter; musician; writer and inventor (holds a U.S.
patent for “Laundrimate”—a laundry-room monitoring device that allows users to
check the status of shared machines—in use throughout the U.S. and Canada).